~ Three generations of Chinese Medicine Practitioners ~

中醫傳承   |   四季養生之家

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"Three Generations of Traditional Chinese Medicine Knowledge and Experiences"

Jun Shan Care dates back to 1930

The origin of Jun Shan Care dates back to 1930 when Wong Chun-wai graduated from the Guangzhou TCM University. He went on to practice in Macau, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, accumulating valuable experiences from outpatient clinics, hospital wards and training apprentices.

Through his sixty-one years of practice in TCM as well as successfully treating his
own coronary heart disease, Chun-wai firmly established Wong’s “Guben Peiyuan” approach,
which centers on treating and strengthening stomach and spleen to cultivate vitality in order
to prevent and strengthen the body’s resistance to diseases.

Wong Chun-wai’s son, Wong Sin-kun, began as a trainee practicing clinically side by side
with his father for four years before becoming a registered Chinese medicine practitioner in
1976. The father-son duo continued to practice together in hospitals in Shenzhen and then in
their clinics in Hong Kong. After years of research and clinical practice, the father-son duo
founded Keystar Therapeutics in 1992 to develop and produce their very own proprietary
Chinese medicines and health supplements in Hong Kong.

The family legacy continues

The family legacy of traditional Chinese medicine expertise carries on with Wong Sin-kun’s daughter, Wong Yan-yan, as she becomes a registered Chinese medicine practitioner in Hong Kong twenty-two years later. Together, the father-daughter duo established two Jun Shan Care clinics in Tai Po and Central, Hong Kong, where they continue to promote Wong’s “Guben Peiyuan” approach to TCM treatments.