~ Three generations of Chinese Medicine Practitioners ~

中醫傳承   |   四季養生之家

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Dr. Wong Sin-kun

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner

(Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Council)


After graduating from secondary school in 1968, as a rusticated youth, Wong Sin-kun was sent to do farm work in his hometown for four years. While he was labouring in the countryside, he realized the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature, and learnt first-hand how Chinese medicine originated from nature and could treat human diseases.

In June 1976 he was approved by the Guangdong Provincial Health Department to become a Chinese medicine practitioner and was assigned to work at the Shenzhen City Chinese Medicine Hospital. The Wong family then moved to Hong Kong in 1981. Sin-kun and his father practised medicine together and Sin-kun continued to learn from his father’s extensive clinical experience.

In 1993, the father-son duo established Keystar Therapeutics, a TCM manufacturing company, to further transform the use of Chinese medicinal herbs and to develop their own proprietary Chinese medicine products. In 1999, Sin-kun opened S.K Wong’s Health Regulating Centre, to pass on his father’s academic thinking about regulating health and disease prevention with his focus on the spleen and stomach.

In 2005, the family business extended into the third generation when Sin-kun and his daughter, Wong Yan-yan, co-founded Jun Shan Care – All Seasons Wellness, a Chinese medicine clinic in Tai Po, Hong Kong. The concepts of disease prevention and treatment run through the Wong’s medical thinking and continue to benefit their patients with the “Guben Peiyuan” method of cultivating essence and strengthening vitality. In 2018, the Wong’s extended their service to Central, Hong Kong, where a new Jun Shan Care branch was born.

Dr. Wong Yan-yan

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner

(Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Council)


Dr. Wong grew up in a family of rich traditional Chinese medicine background, both her grandfather and father are well-known TCM practitioners in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

From an early age, she developed an intense interest in the human mind and so she studied psychology for her undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Upon graduation, she returned to Hong Kong and spent two years in the field of therapy and counselling, during which time she and her father co-founded their first Jun Shan Care clinic in Tai Po, Hong Kong. She went on to acquire a master’s degree in Chinese medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and subsequently registered as a Chinese medicine practitioner in Hong Kong.

She then pursued a Doctor of Medicine degree at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, the same university from which her grandfather graduated in 1930, studying his extensive medical thinking and diagnostic philosophies. Following her PhD degree, she and her father established their second Jun Shan Care clinic in Central, Hong Kong, to better provide medical services to people from all parts of the city.

While Dr. Wong does private practice at both clinic locations in Hong Kong, she also manages Keystar Therapeutics, their family-owned manufacturer of proprietary Chinese medicines. She is forever grateful to both her grandfather and father for instilling in her a love and passion for Chinese medicine.

Lingnan Chinese Medicine

Wong’s medical thinking – building on from the core of Lingnan Chinese Medicine.


Treating illnesses and preventing unforeseen diseases through managing inner health and balance.